How to download Facebook video on mobile device:

Tap 3 Vertical Dots ( ⋮ )

tap 3 dots On your Facebook app, open the video you would like to download, then tap 3 vertical dots on the top right of the Facebook video.

Select "Copy Link"

Select Copy Link After tapping the dots, scroll down and select "Copy Link" menu option, then the link to your video will be copied.

Paste the copied link

Paste Copied Link With the video url copied, open this site then paste that link and tap GO button to download your video.

How to download Facebook video on PC:

Downloading Facebook video while using your PC is much easy, all you need to do is to Right Click on the video that you wish to download, then select "Show Video URL".

Show Video URL

The URL will be opened on the small pop box, just copy that URL and then open this site and paste that URL, then your video will be loaded and you will be able to save it to your PC by clicking download video button.

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